Ensuring Network Viability with Simpler WiFi and Application Testing [Webinar]

Surveys indicate that under normal circumstances, 57% of issues are detected by end users before IT personnel are aware of them. Moreover, 34% of end users cite poor network connectivity or poor web/cloud/SaaS performance at their workplace. With this data in mind, it should come as no surprise that one of the top three gripes end users have about their IT department is reduced app viability.

Viability Insight Tools From Aruba HPE

The idea behind the Insight tools is to allow IT personnel to be proactive and solve problems before end users report them. Proactivity from the IT team not only drives efficiency and customer/end-user satisfaction, but it makes for a more satisfying on-the-job experience and instills trust in the IT Department.

Insights provide an excellent view of the entire network at any given moment. Full Edge-to-Cloud visibility gives you the ability to assure – and more importantly, to understand – the experience inside a firewall. One of the philosophies behind Aruba’s Insights tools is that you cannot manage and improve what you cannot measure or understand.

Network Insight Sensors

Network Viability Aruba HPE Solution

The Insights Sensor acts as a user on the network. If an end user is having connection issues, placing a sensor in their vicinity for a short while will allow you to collect enough screening data to diagnose a potential problem in that location. Deploying the sensor is an easy zero-touch process: place or mount it, connect it to power, and log in to the dashboard.

The Insights Dashboard features four icons: Overall Experience, Services, Internal, and External; these icons toggle between red, yellow, and green to give an at-a-glance view of network health. Drilling down into any component is as simple as pointing and clicking. Because the dashboard is cloud-based, you can view data from any sensor or group of sensors from anywhere in the world.

Assisting IT Professionals

Aruba’s User Experience Insights benefits end users as much as it helps IT personnel. For end users, the network works the way they need it to, and the network performance will meet or exceed their expectations. As an IT professional, Insights allows you to understand problems in real-time with details and context, and to know and prioritize what needs to be fixed.

For more information on ensuring proper network viability with Aruba HPE, contact Vandis to discuss a solution.