Everything You Need to Know About Network as a Service (NaaS)

network as a service
One of the biggest challenges businesses face is how to best use IT resources while managing costs. While grappling with this challenge is nothing new for most, it doesn’t negate the difficulty and frustration of the situation.

Having to pick and choose which initiatives get your team’s time, attention, and budget, can leave your network vulnerable to suboptimal performance and attacks. It's just not possible for our limited resources to always be covering all things.

The good news is that there’s a solution that can alleviate these pain points and free up enterprise resources.

What is NaaS?

Network as a Service – also known as NaaS – is the latest of the “as a service” offerings to revolutionize the way your organization can manage network needs.

NaaS is a powerful full stack, turnkey, managed network solution which drastically frees up your company’s resources, leaving them with the time and flexibility to focus on strategic objectives.

NaaS works by automating common IT features and processes, including:

  • Hardware life cycles
  • Monitoring and alerting
  • Change and patch management
  • Emergency on-call support
  • Custom network and security architecture
  • Ticket management and response

NaaS offerings can often be tailored to include the specific network components you need assistance with, such as firewalls, switching, SD-WAN, and wireless.  

Benefits of NaaS

Adopting an “as a Service” model for networking is a great option for companies looking to achieve strategic objectives and focus on growth – specifically because of these key benefits:

1. Reduced and more flexible costs

NaaS helps reduce costs associated with infrastructure and operations within your network. Moreover, the subscription-based pricing model is a good way to make sure your IT budget remains predictable and manageable.

Vandis' NaaS offering is delivered in a way that allows your organization to optimize your operational expenditure budget. Our subscription-based pricing model ensures a predictable IT budget and can be billed monthly, quarterly, or annually.

2. Better performance

Leaving your network needs in the hands of specialized professionals leads to better uptime, availability, and overall performance. By assessing your infrastructure and listening to your current challenges, Vandis can configure your NaaS deployment to operate at peak efficiency. Vandis will also work with you to define uptime requirements and mission-critical functions so you have the systems you need, when you need them.

3. Tighter security

Top-notch security is a non-negotiable in your network. NaaS manages your firewalls, monitors your network for anomalies, and responds to issues, so nothing slips through the cracks. The security threat landscape is always evolving, so having a team to manage your security helps to reduce your organization’s security risks.

4. Dedicated support and service

Providing end user support and troubleshooting service is a full-time job. Having Vandis handle this through remote 24/7/365 administrative access means that this is a dedicated service, rather than something your team must focus their attention on. The end results include faster response and remediation times.

5. Preserved resources

Are you noticing a common theme here? Most of these benefits help take time consuming tasks away from your team. This will preserve your resources for strategic initiatives and allow them to focus on growing the business.

Applying these benefits to your business streamlines processes, increases visibility and control, and improves the efficiency of your IT department – saving you time, money, and moving your business closer to its strategic goals.

Leveraging Included Managed Services

Vandis’ NaaS offerings come included with managed services. These managed services can provide additional benefits like on call support, day-to-day operations testing, change management, and alerting on active threats.

Vandis pairs its dedicated team of engineers and support specialists with state-of-the art technology partners to provide a powerful turnkey managed network solution within its NaaS offerings. Interested in learning more or getting started? Contact us today and a NaaS specialist will get back to you shortly.