Launch of Vandis NaaS Offerings

Vandis has developed Network as a Service (NaaS) offerings to meet the growing needs of our clients for ongoing network management.  Instead of investing in expensive onsite personnel for maintenance and support, Vandis transfers that responsibility to our own service and support infrastructure. Vandis NaaS offerings can assume partial or complete control of the networking infrastructure traditionally managed in corporate enterprise networks, depending on end user requirements. And with 24/7 monitoring, our clients will be able to rest easy knowing our eyes are on your network

Our NaaS offerings include Firewalls, WAN, and WLAN networking, along with Vandis’ Managed Services: OnCall, ChangeOps, and Monitoring & Alerting.  These offerings will allow our clients to drastically reduce expensive local network administration and free their existing IT team to concentrate on their organization’s strategic goals and business growth.

Vandis NaaS offerings are designed to be both financially and technologically flexible. They can be delivered as turnkey OpEx IT consumption or client-owned in a traditional CapEx model. Our NaaS model can also be applied to existing installations or to a hybrid environment consisting of new and existing solutions.  

With an unbeatable combination of technical, operational, and financial flexibility, Vandis NaaS delivers the agility, flexibility, and cost effectiveness that today’s sophisticated end users are looking for. For more information, please call 516-281-2200.