Aruba Networks: Leveraging Contact Tracing for Safer Office Re-openings

Contact tracing for offices

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Aruba Networks and Vandis worked together to help organizations make the shift to remote workforce. With solutions like Aruba Virtual Intranet Access, Remote Access Points, and Instant VPNs, organizations could operate safely from home while maintaining company policies and security measures.  

As organizations return to the workplace and begin to determine what the future holds, one of the top priorities will be implementing contact tracing as part of their business reopening plans. Aruba’s new solution allows organizations to leverage their existing infrastructure for contact tracing by providing two options: 

  • Utilizing Wi-Fi Access Points to trace wireless device location and relay the information to Aruba Central AI via AirWave 
  • Utilizing wearable asset tags that use Bluetooth to beacon their location to the network via Meridian Cloud Solutions for real-time location data 

Both solutions are highly accurate, with Wi-Fi pinpointing location within 10-15 meters and Bluetooth within 3-5 meters. Organizations can also set controls and capacity thresholds so they can be alerted whenever there are too many people in a location or social distancing protocols are not being followed. 

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