Aruba Networks: Leveraging Contact Tracing for Safer School Re-openings

contact tracing
Aruba Networks
 and Vandis have been working with educational institutions since the beginning of the pandemic to find new ways to utilize their technology to enable secure remote learning, and now we can leverage existing wireless solutions for contact tracingAs educational institutions prepare to welcome students and faculty back on campus in the wake of COVID-19, contact tracing will be an integral part of maintaining safety. Aruba’s new solution is helping educational institutions leverage their native infrastructure by providing two options for contact tracing: 

  • Wi-Fi: Aruba APs listen for wireless devices, relaying that data to Aruba Central contact tracing AI via AirWave for traceable device location data within 10-15 meter accuracy.  
  • BLE Location Data: Wearable asset tags utilize Bluetooth to beacon their location to the network via Meridian Cloud Solutions to provide real-time location data within 3-5 meter accuracy. 

To further ensure the safety of faculty and students, institutions can set controls and capacity thresholds to send instant alerts whenever there are overcrowded locations or asset tags in restricted areas. 

Vandis has extensive expertise with Aruba technology and can set up a consultation to discuss how contact tracing could be implemented at your school. If you’re ready to schedule your consultation, email us at or call at 516-281-2200.  

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