WiFi 6 - WiFi for the Future

WiFi 6 

How Aruba Networks is ensuring unparalleled reliability and service quality with Wi-Fi 6 access points. 

Solve Hybrid Cloud Challenges for Secondary Data and Apps with Cohesity [White Paper]

As organization’s move toward consolidating data centers and migrating workloads to the cloud, the use of a hybrid cloud strategy is increasingly becoming the norm. However, organizations are being faced with the challenge of managing the data and having visibility both on premise and in the cloud. Read more.


Advanced DNS Attacks & Mitigation Techniques [Webinar]

The Domain Name System (DNS) is the address book for the entire internet. Your organization's internal DNS knows the IP address for every device on your network. When you request a domain is outside of your network, your request moves through a firewall and onto the internet. Attack techniques such as tunneling and malicious domain generation allow bad actors to utilize the DNS to compromise your network in a way that is difficult to detect and even more difficult to resolve.

What are the Benefits of the ArubaOS Platform?

Enterprise businesses around the globe are betting big on network computing. Between cloud services, IoT and remote devices, mobile computing, edge computing clusters, and SD-WAN and MPLS networks, these businesses are investing heavily in secure, high-performance network computing solutions. ArubaOS is a network operating system (NOS) developed by Aruba, a subsidiary of Hewlett Packard. Like most Network OS platforms, ArubaOS provides management and support for networked computers. In this article, we will look at some of benefits of the ArubaOS Platform.


What is ExpressRoute?

ExpressRoute is a simple way to create a private connection between your company’s network and a Microsoft Azure datacenter. By bypassing the public internet altogether, an ExpressRoute connection ensures greater uptime as well as faster transfer speeds. Depending on the size of your company and how much data you transfer, an ExpressRoute connection may cut down significantly on your expenses.