Aruba Networks - User Experience Insight: Remote Visibility When You Can't Be There [Webinar]

Aruba Networks User Experience Insight
Organizations are increasingly focused on improving end-user experience. Continuous growth of mobility, IoT, and cloud apps highlight the importance of 
having network visibility. Combining a thorough understanding of your infrastructure and what your users are experiencing allows you to make the most informed decisions possible. Read more about Aruba’s User Experience Insight solution and access the demo. 

Pulse Secure: Secure Remote Access Solutions When It Matters Most [Webinar]

Pulse Secure
With remote work being a much larger part of our workplace now than it was just a few months ago, organizations need to think differently about protecting data in motion, securing connections, and minimizing the risks of attackers penetrating their network. 

Watch the webinar to learn how to quickly and seamlessly secure remote access for your organization and deploy additional security components. 

Aruba Networks: Leveraging Contact Tracing for Safer School Re-openings

contact tracing
Aruba Networks has been at the forefront of helping organizations respond to the initial challenges of working remotely and now their new contact tracing solution will enable schools to safely allow in-person learning. Watch the webinar to learn how Aruba Networks is helping educational institutions leverage their existing Aruba infrastructure to implement new contact and location tracing technology.

Vandis Tech in 20 Demo: Aruba AOS 8 Live Upgrade

Aruba AOS 8 Live Upgrade
Join Vandis and our Mobility engineers as they explore 
ArubaOS 8 and how it is engineered to deliver enterprise grade performance and mission-critical reliability for deployments of all sizes. During this demo, you will see the step-by-step process of using ArubaOS 8 to enable live upgrades without disruption to your production wireless infrastructure.

Advanced DNS Attacks & Mitigation Techniques [Webinar]

The Domain Name System (DNS) is the address book for the entire internet. Your organization's internal DNS knows the IP address for every device on your network. When you request a domain is outside of your network, your request moves through a firewall and onto the internet. Attack techniques such as tunneling and malicious domain generation allow bad actors to utilize the DNS to compromise your network in a way that is difficult to detect and even more difficult to resolve.

Modern Threat Detection Using the MITRE ATT&CK Framework [Webinar]

TTPs, or Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures, framework the most effective modern threat hunting. Since they are descriptive, they characterize what adversaries are doing, and exactly how they are doing it. Although these characteristics are derived from individual incidents, they can be helpful in developing contextual understanding across a general threat landscape