Gain Control Over Enterprise Cloud Spending with HashiCorp Terraform Tool

Today, networking teams are tasked with more than ever: architecting, planning, and building network infrastructure within Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform through Infrastructure as Code.

Read more about how the HashiCorp Terraform Tool can help teams move into an agile cloud environment while controlling cost and visibility.

Why are Companies Migrating to Microsoft Azure? [Webinar]

Microsoft Azure
With the number of cloud offerings available, cloud adoption and IaaS markets are stronger than ever. For example, Microsoft Azure grows by about 76% year over year. Watch the webinar to learn more about how now's the time to migrate to the cloud if your organization hasn't done so already -- and why Microsoft Azure could be the right cloud provider for you.

Is Amazon Web Services (AWS) PCI compliant?

Protecting cardholder data is critical for any business that accepts payment through credit cards or stores credit card information. If you're looking to operate your business in the cloud, it's important to understand if Amazon Web Services is Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant. Read on to find out. 

The Importance of Cloud Computing in Education

cloud computing in education
The rise in cloud technology has transformed education and the way students learn. Educators should be embracing this -- incorporating meaningful technology into the classroom an lead to improved outcomes for both students and teachers. Read more about the importance of cloud computing in education: 

Ensuring AWS Cloud Security Compliance from Industry Experts

Are you looking for ways to ensure continuous security compliance on Amazon Web Service (AWS)? At Vandis’ latest event, the Cloud Conference in New York City, top industry partners shared tips and solutions for keeping attacks at bay, and maintaining the safety of your infrastructure and data; however, it’s not too late to learn a bit by downloading the event's presentations.